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Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Travel Palette

Sorry about the lack of eyeshadow brush, completely misplaced it, but it was a standard double ended one, you know what they look like
Bottom to Top: kiss me I'm tipsy, shimmer down, guilt-y pleasure, tickle my ivory

Yesterday, I packed up a few of my things and headed home for the weekend. Luckily I only live an hour away from uni so I'm not that restricted with the numerous amounts of perfume bottles and eyeshadow palettes that I lug home with me (and that i never end up using). This time, however, I was relegated to taking the train, so I had to be a bit more selective with the beauty bits that made it into the suitcase. Enter Benefit's Groovy Kind-a-love.

Aside from the mascara (review here) and the POREfessional (which i adore on nights out, review to come) I had pretty much forgotten about this gorgeous one-stop makeup set that i received for Christmas until recently. It really does have (almost) everything you need. It also comes with an adorable leaflet telling you how to use all of the products. Just chuck in a foundation, concealer, eyeliner and you're good to go. 

The eyeshadows are gorgeous, (I don't wear eyeshadow everyday, but does anyone else pack emergency makeup in the case of an impromptu uber posh meal/night out?) and are amazing quality too, so soft and pigmented with minimal fallout and they are super blendable. They're not too glittery either, as I often find shimmer eyeshadows to be. You can create an amazing bronze smokey eye with such little effort. It's love

I've always been a bit scared of BeneTint, a strange blood red liquid that is meant to be blusher and lipstick? I find it quite drying as a lip stain, but a few dabs on the cheeks and a quick (very quick, Warning: this stuff dries  fast) blend with my fingers gives a lovely natural pinky red flush, like i've just been on a walk on a winters day. Fab for makeup in a rush. Not sure if I'd buy the full size though.

I like finish it off by swirling the brush through the Danelion/Gimme Fever and just applying on the cheekbones to give a nice highlight. Perfect. 

Not only is this palette perfect for weekends away, but I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to try some Benefit makeup without shelling out £25 on the full sized product. Have you tried any of these products? What are your travel makeup essentials?


  1. Oh this looks so gorgeous, love the packaging.

    1. I know, how do Benefit manage to get flawless packaging every time?? Thanks for the comment xx

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