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Saturday, March 15, 2014


I tend to embrace the eyeliner-free look for everyday (sorry, sleep is just more important than a cat eye), but I am definitely an eyeliner gal. Paired with a slick of white pencil in the waterline, I find eyeliner is essential to widen my (otherwise tiny) eyes. Liquid eyeliner is a foolproof look for any occasion too, a little flick like in these pictures is nice for daytime, pair with a matte pick lipstick and widen the flick and you've got a killer evening look. A must-have for any girl.  

I've used this for years, I think it was my first foray(?) into liquid eyeliner, and I have toyed with others since (notably a short-lived affair with L'Oreal SuperLiner), but I've always come back to this. I think it's the 'hardness' of the brush that gives it an edge; it's so much easier to control the positioning and 'thickness' of the line you want than the softer 'felt-tip' eyeliners. The formula is so black too (as you can see from the swatch), and super long lasting (I use a ton of this on nights out and I never end up with panda eyes). Every time I repurchase this (I must be on 10+ bottles by now) I'm astounded at the quality for the price. A surefire winnerThis is definitely my Holy Grail eyeliner, and I would urge anyone (especially beginners) to dry this underrated drugstore gem, at that price, what's to lose?

What's your eyeliner of choice? Do you have any favourite underrated products?

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