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Wednesday, March 26, 2014



With foundations, I'm difficult to please. I want it all. Something that covers everything I want it to (redness, scarring, spots), doesn't cling to my dry patches, matches my (uber pale) skin tone, and doesn't look like I'm wearing a mask. Because of this, I rarely branch out on foundations, sticking to my holy trio (post coming soon), but I've heard such good reviews about this, and Bourjois seem to have this whole 'light formula, good coverage' thing down (Healthy Mix, anyone?) so I thought I'd give this a try.

I've never tried a CC cream before, so I was unsure as what to expect. Something that would change to suit to colour of my skin? A glorified tinted moisturiser? I'm not sure what a CC cream is meant to do, but I would describe this as a low coverage foundation. It's very sheer and has a thin, watery texture, which is unlike something I've ever tried before, but i love it.

I apply with either my expert face brush (see my post about it, here) or my fingers (depending on the coverage I want/the time I have), and it's amazingIt covers all my redness, and yet is so sheer and lightweight, even letting my freckles come through. (No, i have no idea how it's done either). It leaves a gorgeous dewy finish that even shows through powder (so perhaps not one for the oily-skinned gals), and even though it's not the most long-lasting of products, it wears off evenly and is never 'patchy'. The CC cream is never going to conceal any major skin issues; but I've been using it to sheer out my usual foundation (Rimmel Wake Me Up) and it's ideal; much more natural looking and fresh-faced. 

My only gripe with this product is the shade selection, there's only four (and very limited colours at that), but I'd really recommend it if you can find a shade that suits you. It's the perfect low coverage, natural and glowy foundation for spring, maybe I've been a secret sheer coverage girl after all? 

Have you tried any other CC creams? What's your favourite sheer foundation?

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