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Monday, March 03, 2014


Jumper / Scarf / Necklace / Shoes / Shorts / Perfume / Watch 

I'll be honest here, I am woefully unfashionable. I try but I just don't think it's 'inbuilt' in me the way it so naturally is with some of my friends. I'm much more of a makeup gal anyway; if your skin is flawless and glowy, your eyes are big and bright and your lips smooth and glossy; is anyone going to care you're in jeans and a leavers hoodie?

If I had to summarise my (very minimal) sense of style, I'd say that comfort comes first, and I am a huge fan of leather, studs and tartan. I've currently been obsessed with this gorgeous fluffy jumper from H&M, at the bargainous price of £12 (20% student discount), how could I not?? It's the most comfortable thing in the world, and apparently, in fashion too? Who would have thought it?

Next, is the shorts. I can't quite vocalise how long I've wanted needed leather shorts for, probably about five years. I've seen a few pairs about, but they never fitted properly. Luckily, these are the cheapest pair I've found (£12 from H&M again) and fit like a dream, look amazing and are super comfortable. Win.

I'm not too in to accessorising either (shocker), but I think these favourites are idiot-proof and go with everything. The scarf is a few years old from New Look and I've worn it pretty much every day throughout Autumn and Winter. I'm yet to find an outfit that the necklace and watch (my beautiful 18th birthday present) don't compliment, gold makes everything look a little more presentable (or chavvy..)  don't you think? I talk more in depth about my Docs here (I'm breaking them in and they're soooo comfortable now). The perfume (D&G Number 6) isn't strictly a fashion fave, but it's my everyday scent and I always get complimented on it, so I thought I'd mention it here.

What are your current fashion faves?

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