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Saturday, March 08, 2014


I've been a sucker for face masks (or masques, if that's how you roll) for as long as I can remember; something always seemed so grown up about relaxing with a thick green clay mask and cucumbers on my eyes (I think I've watched too many chick-flicks). I like to think that I've moved into more sophisticated territories than the £1.99 Superdrug clay mask (which i can't find anywhere but would still recommend to dry skin gals if you can get your hands on it). I'm always on the look out for more (Una Brennan Superfacialist is next on my list), but this is my current stash.

It's not big, it's not glamorous but it does the job and I've repurchased countless tubes. I managed with just this in my stash for years and I didn't feel like I was lacking. I normally use this as a face wash in the shower, but it's great as a mask for any nasty spot outbreaks and really helps to calm down redness or irritation. It can be a little drying (so would probably be perfect for oily-skinned gals) but skin always looks clearer and feels softer after using. 

I adore Liz Earle skincare, so when I received this for Christmas I was only ever going to love it. My favourite thing about this mask is that it doesn't 'harden' like the others, it  stays a cream meaning there is less splashing about getting it off (worst thing about face masks: removal). It only takes three minutes to work too, so it's ideal for the morning after the night before where your skin is looking tired, dull and less than perfect. It seems to last forever too and you need less than a pump to cover your whole face. Love.

A clay mask isn't necessarily recommended for dry skin, but a heavy application of moisturiser and some eight hour cream (see my review here) afterwards and it's all good. This has quite harsh exfoliating beads, so I wouldn't recommend it for irritated skin, but it does give your pores a thorough cleanse. It's one for big events as skin looks more even and smooth the morning after using. I like this, but I imagine there are better clay masks out there. Any recommendations?

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite skin-saving face masks?


  1. why do we always use the same things?

  2. Ooo I love a good face mask! I think I really need to purchase the Liz Earle one :) x

    1. You should, I'd imagine it works for all skin types, it's not too expensive either :) xx

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