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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Left to Right: Natural Collection Peach Melba, Sleek Contour Kit Highlight, Sleek Contour Kit Contour.

Sleek Face Contour Kit / Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba / Technic High Lights / Elf Complexion Brush / Real Techniques Contour Brush (only available as part of the Core Collection.)

Fellow sufferers of 'chronic moon face' please raise your hands. I feel your pain. Many of my friends have Cumberbatch-esque bone structure that you could grate cheese with, which only ever serves to enhance my eternally chubby cheeks. Great. While I'm not particularly one for contouring every single day, killer cheekbones are a night-time essential.

I've owned Sleek Contour kit for years, it looks really dark and scary in the pan, but a light hand blended through the hollow of the cheeks using Real Techniques' contour brush, helps to add a little structure to the face. It is uber pigmented, so blend out with Elf's complexion brush so it isn't too 'harsh' looking and buff out any telltale tide marks.

Blusher isn't essential for this, but I'm so pale I look like a corpse without any colour; and this is one of my favourite blushers of all time - plus it's only £1.99. It's super natural looking so your cheeks don't look like they're loaded with product. It looks gorgeous on the apples of the cheeks for a natural flush, but when I'm sculpting I apply just above the contour towards my temples (using Elf's complexion brush), stopping just on the centre of my cheek. 

The finishing touch? Highlight. The one in Sleek's contour kit is okay, but I prefer a cream highlight, like this one from Technic. I've written more in depth about this highlighter here, but it's essentially a £2.50 dupe for Benefits high beam. I'm normally more reserved with this in the day time, but at night I apply liberally on the cheekbones in my quest for that Kardashian glow. Perfect. 

What are your secrets to faking killer cheekbones?

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