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Saturday, March 22, 2014


While I generally apply foundation with my fingers, (it's quicker and gives a more natural finish for everyday) I am partial to a good foundation brush, especially the offerings from Real Techniques.I bought the  Core Collection around a  year ago and have been loyal to the buffing brush ever since. However, I saw the Expert Face Brush doing the YouTube rounds a while ago and pondered the necessity to have both brushes, they seemed alike in appearance and application, but being the makeup hoarder I am, I needed both. 

I'm glad I picked the expert face brush up, and in spite of what I thought, it's actually very different to the buffing brush. It's much smaller, elongated and densely packed. The design is better too, it's hourglass shaped and can stand on its own. Due to the density of the bristles and shape of the brush, it provides fuller coverage, a flawless finish and is easier to reach awkward points of the face (around the nose, etc) too.

Not to diminish the effort of the buffing brush though, a much-loved favourite of mine that is ideal for gals after medium coverage in a hurry. The size of the brush means it covers the face in seconds, with the 'flat-top kabuki' style bristles providing good levels of coverage. I don't tend to use this with lighter bases, as it absorbs lots of product, but it's perfect for sheering out a heavy foundation. (Think Revlon Colourstay, a thin layer looks perfect but is generally hard to achieve due to the thickness of the product).

As for which I prefer, I think there is definitely space for both in everyone's collection. The buffing brush is perfect for everyday, while I prefer the expert face brush for fuller coverage. I would generally say that pitting these brushes against each other is futile as they are so different, but if i were to pick one I would say the buffing brush is a better all-rounder. That said, the expert face brush has the advantage of being sold on its own, while the buffing brush is infuriatingly only sold as part of the core collection (where the flat foundation brush and lipliner brush remain unused by most). Overall, great brushes, recommended to all. Top work, Sam and Nic Chapman.

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? What's your favourite method to apply foundation?

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  1. i have heard so many great things about real techniques! i really need to get my hands on some! xxx