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Sunday, April 13, 2014



As a general rule, I tend to avoid eyeshadow quads. I find something so unglamorous about a 'paint by numbers' approach to makeup (this quad does incidentally have the sort of diagram I am talking about on the back - but we'll just ignore that for now);and I find them to be cheaply packaged, and just a bit 'childish' really. 

That said, when I was doing my makeup using this palette, I realised how convinient quads are. All of the colours compliment each other, they're all in one, small compact place and (given you blend everything) it's fairly idiot-proof.

I don't hear much about the quality of Rimmel eyeshadows, but the pigmentation and blendability of these shadows is amazing (especially for the price). The shades are gorgeous too; universally flattering to any eye colour and skin tone. (The rest of the shade selection is impressive too, Sun Safari for golds, Beauty Spells for daytime neutrals and Smokey Purple are my picks). The lasting-power isn't the best, but with an eye primer (I use this one by MUA) and perhaps a base (if you have oily eyelids) things should stay in place.

I love this quad because it's so multi-purpose. Here, I've used the champagne all over the lid, gold in the crease and a smidge of the dark brown in the outer v, blended outwards and upwards (how infuriating is it that the shades aren't named? Ughhh). It can be so easily transitioned into a nighttime look too- just darken the crease using the brown, smudge under the eyes and apply eyeliner. Boom. Night out ready in seconds.

Do you have a fail-safe palette that you always fall back on? 

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