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Thursday, April 17, 2014


 L - R: Smoke, Fog, Truffle, Chino, Penny

I never wear matte eyeshadows, it's not a conscious decision, I just don't seem to own any (I think mattes are much more prominent with higher end makeup), and shimmery shadows are much more appealing when perusing the aisles of Boots. Anyway, after seeing enough matte-only tutorials from Pixiwoo (here on YouTube), I realised that I needed to up my matte eyeshadow game. As a novice to the world of mattes, I decided this MUA palette would be the best choice for me; as I own loads of their single eyeshadows and think that they are unbelievable quality for the price.

However, this palette left me a little disappointed. The top row of shades (Unwrap, Butter, Bare, Taffeta & Fade) are extremely chalky and with either little or no pigmentation whatsoever (it was pointless to include a swatch!). Even when applied (extremely heavily) on top of a primer, there was little to distinguish between colours, and they creased after a few hours. 

That said, the darker mattes (the bottom row) are completely different. Much more pigmented, easily blendable and long-lasting when applied on top of a primer (I use this one from MUA). Here I used Penny on my lid, Chino in the crease and Smoke in the outer corner, and I really like it. Much more subtle and sophisticated than shimmers, just adding some definition and smoke that is perfect for daytime. While £4 isn't bad for five decent quality eyeshadows (I'm discounting the five worthless ones), and I'm sure better can be found in the aisles of Boots and I'll be skipping any more of their matte releases. 

What do you think about matte eyeshadows? Do you have any drugstore recommendations?

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