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Thursday, April 10, 2014


(Only available instore, more information about Primark's P.S. Love Beauty range can be found here)

Alright I'll admit it; when I heard that Primark were releasing a proper makeup line, I got crazy excited. While I've dabbled in Primark makeup before (back in year 9 when I was convinced blue eyeshadow was the next big thing), this time it's a proper line, with an actual name and packaging that isn't awful. Nothing could hold me back. 

I assumed Primark would make a huge deal about their new range; but I visited my nearest one about three or four times before I ventured to the third floor and saw the makeup hiding away next to the shoes. Ahh well, it is Primark after all; you always find the best gems hidden away in a forgotten corner.

I don't think the full 'range' was on display, as there was only one lipstick (a fuchsia pink that was definitely not for me) and a few palettes left (both 'day' and 'night' neutral shades that I will probably pick up on my next venture) so I played it safe with these nail varnishes that were only £1. 

I really wasn't expecting much from these, but for a nail varnish that sets you back a quid; I'm massively impressed. The colour range is limited, but very unique; I haven't seen anything like the reddy/goldy brown before and I've been looking for the perfect 'elephant grey' for ages. Sure, you're going to need a few more coats then normal, but the colours are beautiful, glossy and pretty long-lasting. The mint is my favourite though - so many people have complimented me on it and they can't believe it when I tell them where it's from. For £1 - where can you go wrong?

Have you tried Primark's P.S. Love Beauty range yet? What do you think of these nail polishes? 


  1. I recently bought this nail polish too and I was massively impressed. For £1 you definitely cannot complain. Glad to see I wasn't the only one. xx

    1. I know! It's a shame the range is a little limited but I really hope they add some new colours soon, I can definitely see it getting popular in the future. xx

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