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Friday, April 04, 2014



Using conditioner before shampoo. Revolutionary or ridiculous? Now I know this sounds crazy, but I promise there is a method to this madness. I've recently heard on the grapevine (read: tweets from Gh0stparties and ViviannaDoesMakeup) that applying conditioner before shampoo makes a world of difference to your hair. It kind of makes sense in one way (conditioner is washed out more thoroughly, creating more volume?) but not in another (why would it make any difference what order I put them on?). I was sceptical (especially as I'm sure this craze originated from this Daily Mail article), but who am I to ignore the twitter raves of some of my favourite bloggers? Time to give it a shot.

Let me begin by saying that smoothing conditioner on first is the most unnatural thing in the world, as the whole process really; but grin and bear it ladies, because honestly? It kind of works.

The first thing I noticed was how easily the shampoo lathered, I had to use about half as much as normal, and my hair looked and felt the cleanest it has done in a while. The removal of all the built-up meant that my (usually very heavy) hair felt lighter, with so much more volume; I couldn't believe it. Even my boyfriend commented on how 'big and shiny' my hair looked (and when the unobservant male notices something girls, - you know it's good). My one worry was that applying conditioner first meant it was all washed out, rendering the whole process useless; and while my hair was still smooth, it wasn't as silky as normal. If you plan on giving this technique a whirl (and you have uber dry hair like me) I'd recommend loading up on the conditioner first. 

So - has my shower routine changed forever? Well, even though I've been massively impressed (and am completely clueless as to how it works), I think my hair is too thick and dry to forgo the conditioner-induced softness I love; but it is definitely a beauty hack to save for those occassions when it's all about the volume. I'd really recommend this for girls with thin and limp hair though, it could be a lifesaver. 

Have you ever tried the 'backwards hair wash' before? Or do you think this is one 'beauty craze' too far?


  1. i have incredibly thin limp hair and it's the most frustrating thing! i may actually try this and see if it makes a difference! i love your blog btw :) i'd love it if youd comment back! xx

  2. I know its a bit crazy, but you should definitely give it a go, you've got nothing to lose :) xx