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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Dupe.

Sorry about the awkward selfie, I'll try and aim for something more professional looking next time. Highlighters are hard to photograph but I hope the glow on my cheekbones shows a little of what the product can do.

I no longer own my very much loved bottle of Benefit's signature highlight, 'High Beam' (RRP £19.50), but both my glow-loving mum and I adored the stuff. She was a fan of mixing it with moisturisers and foundations for all-over brightness while I preferred liberally applying on my cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow. Either way, we both loved the stuff and went through three or four bottles of it until the price tag became too much. There has been a liquid highlighter shaped hole in my life ever since. 

A few years ago, i was browsing through VIPXO's blog, and came across this dupe of high beam that she was raving about. I forgot about it, until a few days ago, when I was longing for some new makeup, didn't want to spend too much money and needed to remedy my dry, dull face. Somehow, I remembered this. Sadly, VIPXO's link was no longer running (unsurprisingly really, after a few years) but a few ebay clicks, a couple of days and £2.75 later this little dupe arrived on my doorstep.

I don't own my High Beam anymore, and it has been a while since I have, so I can't make a side by side comparison, but I really do love this little pot of glow. Even if it's a little too pink or shimmery to be an exact dupe, for something that is one tenth of the price, I am sold. Would recommend this to anyone who like myself, wants a champagne lifestyle but is stuck on snakebite wages.


  1. I've been using this for a long time, such a perfect dupe! The only thing that annoys me about this (and the original) is the bottle, I always find I have product left and it's virtually impossible to get out.
    Holly / Face LDN

    1. That annoyed me so much about the original!! Luckily this one is much cheaper so you're not chucking £5 worth of product away, but I know what you mean. Storing upside down helps a bit, but the nail varnish brush applicator is so infuriating, a doe-foot one would be much easier!! xx

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