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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Left to Right - Seventeen Beehive, Topshop Secret Admirer, MAC Angel, Rimmel 08
Anyone who has ever stumbled into any sort of beauty store with me will know i am obsessed with finding the perfect nude lipstick. One that compliments my skin tone, makes my teeth whiter, my eyes bluer and my face brighter. I am not sure if my quest for the ideal pinky brown lippy will ever be over, but these four are satisfying me for now. 
17 Beehive £4.79 - I think this is my most worn lipstick of all time (as you can tell from the bullet). I'd hesitate to call it a lipstick, somewhere between a stick and a gloss it's very sheer and moisturising and adds a lovely milky pink hue to the lips. I wear this most days  whenever plain ol' Carmex won't do and I just need a light, glossy finish to pull everything together. And the lid had a mirror in it, what more could you want? 

Topshop Secret Admirer £.8.00 - I love Topshop lipsticks, they are on the expensive side of high-street makeup but well worth it in my opinion (rumour has it they are made by the same company as MAC lipsticks, which are nearly twice the price). I'd like to wear this everyday, it looks great when freshly applied, and makes my eyes look much bigger and brightens the whole makeup look, even if I'm only wearing mascara. It's a shame because it wears off really strange though (unlike my other Topshop lippies), i'm often left with the gross white lines on my lips, which are the most unattractive things ever. Beautiful colour, but relegated to uni days when I'm only seen by the public for a few hours.

MAC Angel £15.00 - This would be my everyday lipstick were it not so expensive. (What is up with MAC's pricing? This was a birthday gift from friends but last time I was in MAC i swear they were only £12….) I adore this, baby pink with a hint of brown and a slight sheen, it compliments every makeup look, though I think it looks particularly good with a smokey eye. I would say that it's a bit too pink to be my perfect nude but we're definitely getting there with this.

Rimmel 08 £5.49 - I was hesitant to include this in the nude lipstick post, because it isn't what most would call a nude. It's a purple/burgundy, but I have very pigmented lips and I would argue that this lipstick creates the best 'my lips but better' (god i hate that phrase, but i promise it really does apply here) colour. I think it's much less obvious than the others because, I mean, come on, who really has beautiful pink and sheeny lips naturally?? Its versatile too, the swatch on my lips shows it blotted, as that is how I usually wear it, but the swatch on my hand shows how pigmented it is, a true wine colour that would be perfect for Autumn/Winter. I wouldn't be without this lipstick, it makes me look much more put together and the Kate Moss formula is an absolute winner for the price.

What are you go-to nude lipsticks, or are you more of a brights girl?


  1. beehive is my fave, i have been considering purchasing this colour for a while and now you have helped me make my decision :) great post! x

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