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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So, I’m not going to flatter myself into thinking that since my brief few months of blogging last year, everyone has been patiently waiting for me to get blogging again.

The thing is, I really loved blogging and I think it’s such a shame that the stress levels during my final years of university has meant that I just stopped not only blogging, but reading blogs too. So, a couple of weeks ago my degree ended and I’ve been thrust into the enthralling (but mostly, dull) world of unemployment (I’ll save my woes for another post). Before I start pulling out my hair with boredom, I really think now is the perfect time to get back into that blogging game, so here I am.

I was just going to whack up a post, but most people who do ‘blogging breaks’ or whatever upload an obligatory ‘I’m back’ post, so this is mine. I hope you’ll be seeing more of me soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm sure you're all in possession of some sort of Olive Oil & Vaseline, but I thought I'd link them anyway...

Ever been stranded anywhere without makeup remover... Well, I moved back from uni to home over the weekend, and I somehow managed to forget my trusty micellar water (see my review here), coconut oil (see myreview here) and I urgently needed to remove my makeup.

A quick dash around my house revealed that mum had taken all the skincare on holiday with her & I begun to get desperate.   Anyway, I found this old tub of Vaseline in my bedroom and thought I’d give it a try. And as a cleansing balm/gel? It kind of works.

Now, the texture isn’t ideal; it’s a little greasy and not quite as luxurious as the Liz Earle/Emma Hardie balms you may be used to, but for those with dry skin, definitely give it a go. I’d say it works as somewhere between a cleansing balm and an oil, very easily & quickly breaks down makeup leaving skin feeling plump and hydrated. While it’s not for everyday use it’s not bad for a product you almost certainly have lying at the bottom of your handbag.

As if I hadn’t forgotten enough – I had also left my hair oils & body products at uni (what even was the point in me packing??). Now, I didn’t think I’d miss my hair oils that much, but my hair was feeling dry, and I figured that adding Olive Oil couldn’t exactly worsen the situation, right? The important thing to remember here is that less is more, and to shampoo thoroughly. It’s a little more work than regular hair oils (I had to shampoo twice before I washed out the oil), but perfect for when your hair is a little straw-like and you’re in a pinch. My other favourite uses for Olive Oil are as a shaving oil and cuticle oil. You can use it as a cleansing oil too, it breaks down makeup so easily,  though I find it a little heavy and greasy on my face – Vaseline does a much better job.

Have you ever found any DIY beauty products from household favourites?