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Sunday, July 13, 2014


I know this post is a little delayed, to be honest I wasn't really sure about writing it (i'm not a lifestyle blogger by any means) but you all seemed to like my last lifestyle post (you can find it here) & i wanted to share some of my holiday snaps. (Apologies for the lack of pictures of my boyfriend and I; he is a little camera-shy and I am reduced to a sweaty, sunburnt mess on holiday). 

We jetted off to Lanzarote, which is gorgeous island in the canaries. It has beautiful volcanic scenery, sandy, untouched beaches & unbelievably clear oceans. The climate is lovely too, it's boiling, obviously, but it's also very breezy too; so the heat rarely gets uncomfortable. We stayed in the main tourist resort of Puerto Del Carmen, which has miles of beautiful beaches, loads of restaurants on the strip and a quaint little harbour in the old town. It was perfect for us, though if you'd prefer somewhere a little quieter I'd recommend Playa Blanca, the beaches there were unbelievable. 

I know my pictures make it look like the holiday was seven days of lying on the beach with a Pina Colada, but due to my infuriatingly athletic other half, we actually crammed a few activities into our holiday (only kidding, I do have a semi-athletic streak). We went snorkelling (which was amazing, the water was crystal clear & it was like looking into another world), hiking & even climbed a volcano; i love not having the beach/pool holiday (I get wayyyy too sunburnt). 

Anyway, that's what's been happening in my life, what's been going on in yours?

PS - On our flight home we saw the sunset above the clouds & this photograph doesn't quite do it justice (it turned the entire sky a bright red) but it was crazy beautiful - have you ever seen a sunset from the plane?


  1. looks beautiful! LETS GO ON HOLIDAY

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