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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I'm sure you're all in possession of some sort of Olive Oil & Vaseline, but I thought I'd link them anyway...

Ever been stranded anywhere without makeup remover... Well, I moved back from uni to home over the weekend, and I somehow managed to forget my trusty micellar water (see my review here), coconut oil (see myreview here) and I urgently needed to remove my makeup.

A quick dash around my house revealed that mum had taken all the skincare on holiday with her & I begun to get desperate.   Anyway, I found this old tub of Vaseline in my bedroom and thought I’d give it a try. And as a cleansing balm/gel? It kind of works.

Now, the texture isn’t ideal; it’s a little greasy and not quite as luxurious as the Liz Earle/Emma Hardie balms you may be used to, but for those with dry skin, definitely give it a go. I’d say it works as somewhere between a cleansing balm and an oil, very easily & quickly breaks down makeup leaving skin feeling plump and hydrated. While it’s not for everyday use it’s not bad for a product you almost certainly have lying at the bottom of your handbag.

As if I hadn’t forgotten enough – I had also left my hair oils & body products at uni (what even was the point in me packing??). Now, I didn’t think I’d miss my hair oils that much, but my hair was feeling dry, and I figured that adding Olive Oil couldn’t exactly worsen the situation, right? The important thing to remember here is that less is more, and to shampoo thoroughly. It’s a little more work than regular hair oils (I had to shampoo twice before I washed out the oil), but perfect for when your hair is a little straw-like and you’re in a pinch. My other favourite uses for Olive Oil are as a shaving oil and cuticle oil. You can use it as a cleansing oil too, it breaks down makeup so easily,  though I find it a little heavy and greasy on my face – Vaseline does a much better job.

Have you ever found any DIY beauty products from household favourites?

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