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Sunday, May 04, 2014


I know that header at the top of the blog says 'beauty. fashion. lifestyle', but I'll be honest, my life is incredibly dull. Nothing anyone would want to read about anyway; so I've steered away from these lifestyle posts. But, around a week ago my boyfriend and I headed to the smallest city in the UK (St Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales, for anyone who was wondering) for a little break. 

I know I spend half the year in Wales, but it really is a gorgeous place to be; when the weather is beautiful (a rarity I know), I'm not sure I'd want to be anywhere else. We were so lucky with the weather when we were there too, though I climbed was forced to climb a mountain in traditional, overcast, rainy welsh weather. Not a happy bunny.

 The town is uber picturesque, and very quaint too. There's a huge, old very grand cathedral (giving the tiny town it's city status) that I did not capture brilliantly using my ol' HTC camera phone skills, but I give you my word it's hella pretty.

Even though it was heaven to be back in the land of wifi, it was lovely to be in a place that was so tranquil and quiet. I don't think I picked up my phone in four days straight (not that there was any point - no signal whatsoever) and I left my makeup bag in my suitcase too (four days, must be a record). Even for a city girl like myself, there is something so peaceful about going back to basics for a little while.

Sorry about my prolonged absence from the blog, normal service will resume soon, probably with a post about my (kinda) drastic hair change (eeeek!)

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